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Finding himself in the doorway of his daughter's nursery didn't surprise him as much as it probably should have, considering that he had fallen asleep with Jack's arm around his waist, on the couch.

A slight figure stooped over the cradle, smiling at the sleeping child, fingers slowly forming symbols achingly familiar and long missed.

Hello, Mother, he signed after she had turned her face towards his. Their eyes were the same shade of blue.

Gil! Your daughter is so beautiful, his mother signed back, beaming.

We named her for you. Georgia Rose.

She patted his face, the faint scent of lilacs following her hand. You were such a good boy. My bright, brilliant boy. I am so glad you've found one who understands you.

He does, Mother. In all ways. I never dreamed---

I told you to never lose your dreams, Gilbert. Strange how he could hear a faintly scolding tone in his mind, even though they weren't making any sounds.

You did. I'd forgotten that for a time.

Georgia turned in her sleep, and Rose looked back down at her, face softening again.

But you will remember it now?

He nodded and his mother smiled at him.

That's good, Gil. You deserve to have joy and dreams. She kissed his cheek, patting his face once again. I love you, my son.

I love you, Mother.

His eyes opened. He was still on the couch with Jack's arm around him.

Breathing in deeply, he could smell lilacs. And he smiled.

To Search

Apr. 13th, 2006 10:17 am
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Pick up, Sara. Let me know you're all right.

The call went to voicemail for the sixth time.

Getting in his vehicle, he drove to her last location, the latest crime scene. Walking inside, he saw files scattered and a bloody field kit.

Ten minutes later, the rest of the team had assembled at the sight.

"We're going with the assumption that he wanted her alive," he said roughly, refusing to consider the alternative.

"Spread out, people. See what we can find."


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