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He paused outside of the door to the conference room, looking at his team. He watched Warrick laugh, playfully smacking Nick's arm. Greg provided a counter to whatever argument they were having and the two veterans immediately pounced on the former DNA technician.

Sara was sitting on the other side of the table, shaking her head at whatever Catherine was telling her, repeating "I did NOT want to know that!" in louder and louder tones, though the two refused to elaborate when the guys pestered.

His team. His family in many ways, the people he had mentored, nurtured, and guided through the harsh realities that comprised their profession. He was proud of them, he served them as much as they served him.

"Guys, there is something we need to discuss. It is...personal. And some of you," his gaze drifted to the two women, "already know what I am going to say. I ask that you bear with me."

Over the course of the next hour, he told the unaware that he was committing himself to another man--ignoring the flash of annoyance when Warrick sighed and gave half his money to Greg--and within the next year he would be leaving the lab.

Nick looked stunned, Greg looked hurt and Warrick looked resigned at the news. The three immediately turned to Sara, wondering how she was holding up under such news.

When she only smiled, calm acceptance on her face, they turned back to Grissom. They congratulated him and vowed that if this stranger ever hurt him, the body would not be found.

He smiled now, watching them bicker amongst themselves and the night's assignments. His team had always done him proud.
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