Mar. 19th, 2005

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Gil Grissom, forensic entomologist extraordinaire, paced his office, cursing.

Damn that Ecklie. First he breaks up my team. Then he goes after Sara. And now, he's fired her. And she isn't fighting it.

Did I hurt her that badly? I swear to god, I didn't mean to.

She's looked so lifeless whenever she's come into the lab lately. She hasn't worked overtime and was out of touch the entire time she was on vacation.

I have to talk to her.

Coming to that decision, he leaves his office, ignoring the puzzled looks of his coworkers. Let them wonder--Ecklie wouldn't dare fire him. And he would quickly realize the professional repercussions of his actions. The lab would quickly lose its standing without Sidle's skills.

Driving as quickly as he could, he reached her apartment building. Discreet inquiries with the manager inform him that she has not moved out, but arranged payments for six months to a year, electric and water done the same way.

She's gone somewhere. And she's not here.

He turns to walk out of the building.


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Gil Grissom

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